Baby Sign Language Winston Salem NC

Baby Sign Language is a gesture-based form of communication used with hearing pre-verbal babies and toddlers. It is an exciting way for parents in Winston Salem to communicate with their children before they can talk.

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Baby Sign Language

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Baby Sign Language - A Tool For Early Communication

Author: Ian Creaser

Baby Sign Language is a gesture-based form of communication used with hearing pre-verbal babies and toddlers. It is an exciting way for parents to communicate with their children before they can talk. Parents communicate with their children through body language and their knowledge of their child's behavior; Baby Sign Language is an extension of this natural behavior and bridges the gap between guessing what your baby may need and knowing what your baby needs.

As parents, we all wait with excitement for our baby's first smile, first word or first step. Baby's communicate with their parents through the only means of communication they know, which a lot of the time involves crying. If a baby is hungry it will cry, wet diaper, cry, and tired, yes once again cry. Knowing what your baby requires is very important, and all parents strive to be the best parent they know how to be. Baby Sign Language allows parents to take the guesswork out of communicating with your baby. By the age of 6 moths, babies are reaching for objects, giggling, recognizing their parents in a room full of people and able to start using Baby Sign Language. It's very exciting knowing that your little baby, who relies on you for everything, can let you know exactly what they need through the use of simple, body language based communication such as Baby Sign Language.

A question often asked by people is whether or not Baby Sign Language will delay speech in a baby, and the answer is a definite no. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Studies have shown that children who have used Baby Sign Language have developed speech at a younger age and have an increased IQ level. By encouraging your baby to use Baby Sign Language, you are teaching not only a word, but also using your hands to explain the word. By doing this you are ensuring that your baby is using both sides of the brain in a very important stage of human development. The studies have also shown that by the age of 3 that children can be at least 12 months ahead of children who have not used Baby Sign Language. Have you ever seen a pre-verbal toddler throw itself on the floor of the supermarket, screaming and crying? Your first thought maybe "I wonder why that child is doing that?" If that child was able to communicate exactly what it needed to it parents, do you think it would be throwing itself on the floor having a tantrum?

By the age of 6 months, babies will start to communicate back to their parents using Baby Sign Language. Your baby's first word does not have to be verbal; it can be a Baby Sign. Signing with your baby every time you are communicating encourages your baby to mimic your movements and tie the word into the gesture. As a parent you are the most important learning tool a baby can ever have. Baby Sign Language will ensure that the frustrations of both parent and baby are minimal through a basic understanding of needs.

Baby Sign Language is now used in households and child care centers worldwide. As parents, if we can reduce the frustrations of our baby's, and ease the pressure on ourselves, it's a win for everyone involved. Children develop and learn so quickly, what an amazing opportunity Baby Sign Language gives parents and baby's to bridge the gap of communication.

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