Choosing Pictures for Catalog Printing Camp Lejeune NC

One of the most important parts of catalog printing in Camp Lejeune and design are the pictures. You always have to choose the best and correct pictures of your products before you add them to your catalog printing template. But how do you really choose the right pictures for catalog printing?

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Choosing Pictures for Catalog Printing

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Choosing the Right Pictures for Catalog Printing

Author: charen smith

One of the most important parts of catalog printing and design are the pictures. You always have to choose the best and correct pictures of your products before you add them to your catalog printing template. But how do you really choose the right pictures for catalog printing? Is it all about choosing the most beautiful photographs? Or is there something more? In this article we will give you a few tips on choosing the right pictures that are ideal for catalog printing.

Well lit photographs: The first thing that you must notice in your catalog photographs is the lighting. The products and services in your catalog photography must always be well lighted with all the important features and aspects of the object well emphasized. Little or no shadows must be present so that the whole product looks the best that it can be for the customers. If the lighting is bad or wrong, you can expect people to be less enthusiastic about the product, since the picture may look cheap and even untrustworthy. So make sure this does not happen by hiring a professional to compose the proper lighting for your product photo shoot.

Flattering angles: Also, like human models, products and even certain services will only look good from a certain angle. Always use the best photograph with the best most flattering angle of your product. You don’t want to show a customer a bad angle of your product much like you don’t want people seeing your own bad angle in photographs. Bad angles can really turn off the customer even though the product is really good and well made. So always try to prevent this by taking pictures using a lot of different angles. The more the merrier and you should have plenty of options to choose from as you get the final shots to be included in your catalog. If you do take a lot of pictures, chances are good that you will have that one shot that best flatters your product.

Speaking images: Besides angles, your pictures must also speak by itself. You can’t just have a simple picture of a product, it must speak to the customer so that they can relate to it. Otherwise, it will just look like a boring photograph of a thing, and not a symbolism for a lifestyle. You can do this by just taking photographs of your products in action. You don’t take a photograph of it in a boring white or blue background. Pose it in a way like it is being used, or put it in a natural situation. For example, for jewelry you can have a model wear it so that people can see how it looks when they themselves wear it. For gadgets you may want to show it as it does its actions or if it is in news. Adding this “voice” to the product makes it more interesting and very engaging to the customers. This makes your catalog more alive and definitely does well in promoting your products.

Color theme match: Lastly, pay particular attention to the color of your photographs. It is always best that the background of the catalog photographs are fairly neutral or it matches the catalog theme. This is so that you can prevent a clash in color that can make a catalog look bad. So always plan your theme for the catalog ahead of time so that when you make your photographs, you know the right kind of background that won’t clash with your theme.

So those are the few tips that we can give you in choosing photographs for your catalog printing campaign. Hopefully this has helped you a lot on how to manage the selection of your catalog images. Just use the suggestions above, and some creative gut instinct and you should have no problems in choosing images for your catalogs. Good Luck!

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