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Label printing is not just about tagging your products with a company or brand label. It is also about impressing your potential customers with the design of your brand logo or company label in Mooresville.

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Designs for Label Printing

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Author: Kaye Z. Marks

Label printing is not just about tagging your products with a company or brand label. It is also about impressing your potential customers with the design of your brand logo or company label. As such, it is important to enhance your label or brand's design. If you want to enhance your designs for label printing, below are a few of my tried and tested tips to improve your label designs.

Using distinct vibrant colors Colors are the best and most sure-fire way to enhance your label designs. By using very distinct and vibrant colors, people can immediately notice and identify your label. If your company or brand has a good reputation of quality products or affordable stocks then people can lock in to your distinct color as a representation of those properties. That distinct color can become your label identity and it will extremely help you enhance the impact of your labels on people.

Making images sharper In addition, if you are using your logo for product labels, it is also a good idea to make things sharper. Image editing tools nowadays have filters that can enhance the lines and shapes of your logo to make it stand out more and appear solid. This can really sharply define the features of your label making it better to look at. Of course, this can have better effects for some images more than others can. Therefore, it really depends if it will work on your label. However, it never hurts to try to see if you can improve the sharpness of your label designs for a better effect.

Adding Texture Next, you can try adding a texture as well to your label printing if you want. This can just be an image effect, more than a change in label printing material. You can add texture effects like sand texture, posterized filters and even painting or sketched effects which can define your labels and make it look more artful and beautiful to people. This also adds in some identity to your label since it will not look like a cold mass produced consumerist product anymore. It can really look like a work of an individual master craftsman since it is labeled with something that looks unique and well thought of.

Shadows and lighting effects Finally, you can also play with shadows and lighting effects for your label designs. Shadows and lighting can make your logos and text "come out" of the label appearing somewhat in three dimensions even though it is just really in two. This will add in a little extra life into your label making it appear more real and tangible. Shadows and lighting effects add that subtle enhancement to your label printing that can really complete an already well-made label design.

Those are just four of the many more enhancement techniques that you can use for improving your designs for label printing. You can even apply these tips to other design elements and prints as well to improve all your images and artwork. Just try these techniques out and see if they can improve the looks of your color labels as well. Chances should be good that at least one of them should work for your color labels.

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