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Studies indicate a lack of sleep can be dangerous, causing significant mental impairment. If you're having trouble falling asleep, or just want to make your sleep more peaceful, here are some helpful ideas that you can do in the comfort of your own room to help ensure a good night's rest.

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Getting Sleep

Tips for Getting Sleep

Studies indicate a lack of sleep can be dangerous, causing significant mental impairment. If you're having trouble falling asleep, or just want to make your sleep more peaceful, here are some helpful ideas that you can do in the comfort of your own room to help ensure a good night's rest.

1. Let Lavender Lull You to Sleep. Known for its relaxation benefits, lavender is often used to aid sleep. Keep a dried lavender bouquet on your nightstand, dab some lavender oil on your neck before turning in, or burn a lavender-scented candle while you're getting ready for bed. The aromatherapy will work wonders for your state of mind and your sleep habits.

2. What Relaxes You? Whether it's a warm bath, soft music or a good book that helps you relax and unwind, make sure you give yourself that time to let go of the day and mentally get ready to fall asleep. Keep the lights low, the noise level down and invite sleep. Just as you have to warm up in the morning to get ready for the day, you have to wind down each evening.

3. Nighttime Yoga. Renowned yoga instructor Patricia Walden encourages using a series of yoga moves designed to quiet the mind after the stress of the day and to help you make the transition from active to quiet. Before going to bed each night, she suggests doing a combination of standing poses, forward bends and restorative poses to help you ease into night.

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Perfect place to rejuvenate, relax and de-stress: Good sleep for good health

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To maintain physical and mental well being, we spend a third of our lives lying in bed. Sleep not only rejuvenates or replenishes lost energy, but a good bed, and the sound sleep it provides, confers mental, physical and spiritual serenity.

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and bodies together, and as the proverb says sleeping is the best meditation.

So what kind of bed should you buy? Finding a mattress that suits you is important, as we expect well-made spring mattresses to last for maybe 10 years. And with good sleep being essential to wellbeing, it’s another reason to buy the best mattress you can afford.

You also need to buy the largest mattress you can – the more room you have to move around while you sleep, the better. So, a couple needs to look at king size bed mattresses if they possibly can.

Nowadays there is an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing a mattress. The traditional open spring mattress is one option, and is often a good choice for those on tight budgets. Orthopedic (very firm) beds very often use this kind of spring. The pocket spring mattress forms for many people the luxury bed of choice. With a pocket spring mattress, individual small springs are housed in separate fabric pockets, so they work independently to respond to individual body weight and follow the sleeper as they move. Providing extra comfort through a higher number of springs, and with extra support for the spine and back, a pocket spring mattress can be a very good choice.

Equally comfortable, some manufacturers patent their own exclusive spring system designed to offer special benefits, such as preventing you and your partner from rolling together – one of the greatest causes of a poor night’s sleep. These durable systems, while different to pocket spring, work in a similar way, moulding to your body’s shape and keeping you from discomfort and overheating at night.

Both pocket spring and exclusive spring system beds can also come in ortho options for those who like firmer support.

These days, there is yet another choice: memory foam combined with springs. Many people like memory foam as there are no pressure points; it gently allows your body to settle into the foam. Yet the combination offers the comfort of memory foam with the extra support of springs.

So we’ve discussed the mattress, what about the base? Whether you’re looking for a single, double, kingsize or even super kingsize bed, divan bases remain a great favourite. They are designed to work with the mattress – especially divans with sprung edge bases, present a complete look with the base matching the mattress and, crucially, offer storage. Drawers in divan bases are a major advantage – although these days you can find ottoman divans too, especially on double divan beds but in some cases also on single divan beds, where the mattress lifts up in an easy spring-loaded action to reveal a storage cavity inside the base. Ottoman bases are useful where limited space at the side of the bed means you couldn’t fully extend drawers.

When it comes to looks, while a divan bed will complement any bedroom décor, some of us like to make a fashion statement with our beds. Whether this is with impressive cheap double beds , or a fabulous wooden or metal bedstead, the choice of style and colour is enormous. And they don’t even have to be expensive buys – there’s a very wide price range, too!

One easy way of making a divan bed look very smart is with a headboard. Whether you’re looking for one in fabric, wood or metal you’ll find an amazing array. They’ll help you set a style for your bedroom, and set off your single divan bed or double divan bed to best advantage.

Sometimes space is at a premium. For young children, a small single divan bed might work in a tight space. These are just 75cm x 190cm – or 2’6” x 6’3. Some Shorty beds even offer a reduced length, at 175cm.

Or could a children’s bunk bed be the best bet? These are very popular where floor space is tight. Children’s bunk beds these days come in many different configurations and offer a lot of versatility. Some children’s bunk beds or captain’s beds come with extra storage compartments, or are themed for extra fun. The most outstanding benefit of children’s bunk beds though is that of utilising vertical space as opposed to horizontal space.

These days, we’re all very busy. When we get home after a frantic day, comfort and relaxation are the things we seek. Good rest is the great stress-buster, and a comfortable bed is the best way to achieve it. So whether you choose a divan bed, a bedstead, or a bunk bed for your children, relax, slip into soothing sleep and let all those tensions slip away. Tomorrow is another day.

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