LCD Signage Versus Plasma Displays Cary NC

Here’s a checklist to help you decide if your Cary business would best be served by LCD signage versus a plasma screen, or a combination of both. If you decide to use one or both of these types of digital signage you’ll need to make a few more choices based on how these devices figure into your marketing plan. Read on to see what you should keep in mind when choosing a digital screen display.

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LCD Signage Versus Plasma Displays

Here’s a checklist to help you decide if your business would best be served by LCD signage versus a plasma screen, or a combination of both:

1. Where will you put it? Let’s say your target audience is women grooming themselves in a public restroom. A wall mounted flat screen is necessary to save space in such a small, bright room with no drapes or blinds, but which type do you need? That depends on mounting and content. LCD signage is lighter than Plasma. It might be quite difficult to mount a heavy Plasma screen on a fragile plaster and lath wall, and you would need to reinforce drywall because the restroom is subjected to moisture and heat from hand dryers. LCD signage has thermal protection. Glare does not affect LCD signage as much as it does Plasma. You will be able to see the LCD signage well on a sunny day in the restroom, but you will need to buy drapes or blinds to shade the Plasma screen for optimal viewing. LCD screens are available from 7 inches to 65 inches. The discreet 7 inch screen could be embedded in the restroom’s mirror, where the audience is most likely to see it, and a motion detector could turn it on when your target approaches. There are no small Plasma screens available at present — they range from 42 inches to 65 inches, which would overwhelm a small restroom. If your message is short and contains continuously changing movement, Plasma screens give superior visual quality, but are subject to burn in if the on screen movement is repetitive, such as a toll free 800 number that stays fixed in place. LCD signage is the right choice for a ladies’ restroom

2. Who will use it? You may want a 103 inch Plasma behemoth to help your presenters attract attention to your company’s booth at a convention, dwarfing your competition. But do you really need it in an elevator for a stock market ticker tape scrolling at the bottom of a news broadcast? LCD signage can be mounted portrait, landscape, or tiled for optimum viewing of the stock report. The ticker tape may cause the Plasma screen to develop burn in, and anything you broadcast later may be partially obscured by ghostly stock quotes. LCD signage has a 178& #778; viewing angle. However, Plasma allows viewers on the periphery of the room to enjoy the program better because it offers a wider viewing angle than LCD signage. Both LCD signage and Plasma give more noise than a tube TV if the broadcast is not in high definition (HD). Save money by showing your movies, spectacles and sports on a large tube TV because the contrast, black levels, and motion will be better than either Plasma or LCD. Get large LCD signage for the booth.

3. How much can you afford? Remember to add your associated costs to your budget. You will need a console to support your heavy Plasma screen, unless you have strong, smooth walls and a trained installer available every time you move it. You will need drapes or another type of window covering if you choose Plasma. Plasma screens do not come in 32 inch models, but a good quality 50 inch Plasma costs $999.99, 52 inch jumps to $2,049.00, a 58 inch is $2,399.00, a 65 inch is $4,339.00, and a 103 inch is a whopping $79,995.00. LCD signage can get your message across much more cost effectively, no matter the venue.

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