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Pilates is a great series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, whose work was long embraced by dancers, acrobats and more-traditional athletes. It's a system designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the entire body.

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Pilates Exercises

Pilates Exercises

Pilates is a great series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates, whose work was long embraced by dancers, acrobats and more-traditional athletes. It's a system designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the entire body. And Pilates is for virtually everyone-from the super-fit to the softened weekend warrior. It can even help people recover from injuries. Once you're comfortable with Pilates, here are some things to keep in mind.

Getting More from Your Pilates:

Breath. Pilates-style breathing is often called "diaphragmatic" breathing. When you inhale, your ribs should move upward and outward; when you exhale, the abdominals should move out and the ribs pull in. It's also important when you do your inhalations and exhalations during class. A certified teacher will be sure you're doing them correctly, but generally the exhalations will be upon exertion and the inhalations will be on movements that are less difficult. It gets oxygen to the muscles at the right time, helps cleanse the body and strengthens abdominal muscles.

Concentration. You can get much more out of your workout if you concentrate on each muscle. For example, when you are doing the criss-cross abdominal exercise, if you focus on the individual side oblique muscle as you rotate, you will feel each one engage at the correct time. It will work the muscle more deeply and give you better results, faster.

Control. Make sure you're doing the exercise properly and with control. There should be no jerking or desperate straining.

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Author: Tuula Niskanen

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder with widespread pain and tender points throughout the body, and fatigue in muscles and tendons. Fibromyalgia may be aggravated by weather changes, cold, humidity, excessive physical activity, physical inactivity, hormonal fluctuations, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, depression, or mental or physical fatigue. There is no cure for fibromyalgia but there are variety of treatment options to help control pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Exercise is one of the leading treatments for fibromyalgia. Exercise increase blood flow and feed your muscles by relieving your pain. Exercise works like alternative treatment or medicine to healing your symptoms and controlling your pain. Unfortunately, it really matters what kind of exercise is good for you. Good mach for your situation is definitely Pilates .

Pilates is low-impact and many Pilates movements can be modified just for you and your specific needs. Pilates has both stretching and strengthening aspect of every movement, which makes it even more beneficial exercise form for fibromyalgia sufferers. Pilates improves your joint range of motion, muscle flexibility and strength. Pilates also improves your body awareness and gives you more energy.

It’s important to start Pilates only with a well qualified Pilates instructor . She or he will teach you a proper movement by using specialized Pilates equipment. Pilates equipments (Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda-chair, Ladder Barrel) are assisting your movements but also give you more challenge if you need so. Good Pilates instructor can correct your unwanted movement patterns due to pain and concentrate improving your posture. Many fibromyalgia sufferers have postural stresses and poor posture leads more pain, stress and fatigue in your muscles and joints. You don’t want that! You don’t want to increase your pain! So, Pilates is very good way to get help for your posture and muscle imbalances.

Pilates is a body and mind exercise and will help your overall healing process. Pilates is rehabilitative and holistic treatment for many disorders and symptoms including fibromyalgia. It is a good way to start exercising safely, and you are going to see that it doesn’t only stretch and strengthen you, it also improves your whole quality of life.

About the Author:

Tuula Niskanen has college degree in Physical Therapy and she holds advanced certifications in Spinal Stabilization Training, Golf Conditioning, Mat Pilates and Comprehensive Pilates Teaching. She offers her personal Pilates Services in 2 studios in Carlsbad and Encinitas, CA.More about Tuula's Pilates services at PilatesWise website .

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/diseases-and-conditions-articles/pilates-relieves-pain-of-fibromyalgia-1249735.html