Podiatry Greenville NC

Podiatry is the field of medicine focus on the study of disorders of the foot, ankle, or lower leg. The professionals who practice podiatry are called Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) or podiatric physicians. To become a DPM, one must complete the necessary schooling to obtain a professional doctoral degree and complete a 2-3 year residency. Podiatric specialties include sports medicine, surgery, geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, and biomechanics. See below to locate a podiatrist in Greenville, NC.

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Amy Meeker Pitzer, DPM
(252) 439-1150
Family Foot & Ankle Physicians , 1432 E. Firetower Rd.
Greenville, NC
Kenneth Yale Rosenthal, DPM
(252) 830-1000
Eastrn Carolina Foot&Ankle Specialst , 2140 W. Arlington Blvd. #D
Greenville, NC
Frank Lescosky, DPM
(252) 757-1600
2100 Hemby Ln.
Greenville, NC
Denise Marie Richardson, DPM
(252) 809-1500
411 W. Main St.
Williamston, NC
Jon Scott Stancil, DPM
(252) 439-1150
Family Foot & Ankle Physician , 1432 E. Firetower Rd.
Greenville, NC
Jonathan Carl OQuinn, DPM
(252) 830-1000
2140 W. Arlington Blvd. #D
Greenville, NC
Christopher Joseph Gauland, DPM
(252) 830-1000
Eastern Carolina F&A Specialists , 2140 W. Arlington Blvd. #D
Greenville, NC
Marc A. Sabo, DPM
(252) 809-6340
E.CarolinaFoot&AnkleSpec. , 310S.McCasleyRd.,P.O.Box188
Williamston, NC
A. Timothy Seavers, DPM
(252) 946-0324
PamlicoPodiatryAssociates,P.A. , 403W.15thSt.
Washington, NC