Scion TC Driving Impressions Fayetteville NC

You’ve taken care of it, serviced it regularly, and washed it every weekend in Fayetteville. However, now the time has come to sell your car. So what should you do to get the best price? Read on.

Rick Hendrick Scion
(910) 868-5071
1969 Skibo 8
Fayetteville, NC
Scion Of Concord
(704) 788-2161
7670 Bruton Smith Blvd
Concord, NC
Scion Of New Bern
(252) 637-7200
5010 Highway 70 East
New Bern, NC
Pecheles Scion
(252) 975-1500
4020 Highway 264 West
Washington, NC
Hubert Vester'S Scion Of Wilson
(252) 291-5300
3712 Raleigh Road Pkwy
Wilson, NC
Scion Of Henderson
(252) 438-2181
205 Toyota Lane
Hendersonville, NC
Scion Of Gastonia
(704) 724-7777
4821 Wikinson Blvd
Gastonia, NC
Peterson Scion
(910) 738-5241
4381 Fayetteville Road
Lumberton, NC
Town & County Scion
(704) 552-7600
9101 South Boulevard
Charlottesvile, NC
Scion Of Elizabeth City
(252) 335-4301
1002 Halstead Blvd
Elizabeth City, NC

Scion TC Driving Impressions

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Author: Barbara Jeffers

You’ve taken care of it, serviced it regularly, and washed it every weekend. However, now the time has come to sell your car. So what should you do to get the best price?

1. Research the price.

It is essential to have the car priced correctly for a quick sale. Check the price of similar cars in your area. Check the local papers, motoring ad magazines and online. Remember that buyers like bargain, so this price includes a margin for haggling.

2. Have an MOT that is more than 9 months.

Even if your MOT renewal is not due you can get a new one. This will stop people thinking you are just selling as it won’t get through the next MOT.

3. Clean the car inside and out.

Do a thorough clean, remove all sticky finger prints and dogs hairs. Put in a new air freshener. Consider having a full, professional valet service.

4. Repair the car.

Get any minor mechanical faults or paintwork repaired.

5. Documentation Preparation

Keep all the documents in a folder or large envelope that you can give to the buyer to take away. This should include all MOT certificates and service records. If you have work that is still under guarantee, ensure that the receipt is included and the guarantee is transferable.

6. Adverts

Stick to facts and describe the car accurately. Include the year, mileage, MOT months and where you are based. If it's being sold for spares only, or it requires substantial repairs, say so.

7. Test Drive

Check that the buyer is insured to drive the car. Go with them in the car. If you change seats part way through, always take the keys with you and hand them over when you get back in the car.

8. Provide a receipt

Provide a receipt that identifies the car, price and the fact that it is sold as seen without a guarantee. Ensure that two copies are signed by yourself and the seller and keep one copy for yourself.

9. Get paid.

Preferably in cash and count it in front of the buyer. If a cheque is given then wait for it to clear in you bank before you hand the car over, but give the receipt annotated with ‘waiting for funds to clear’ and the date for the pickup of the car.

10. Inform the DVLA

Follow the instructions on the V5/registration documents and detach, fill in and send of the portion as indicated. If you don’t do this, it is possible that future offences and convictions associated with the car and its new driver could come your way.

If you need to repair minor damage or a car to achieve the best price use to find the nearest technician to you. Whatever repair the car needs, whether bumper scuff, paint work restoration, or alloy refurbishment they will employ SMART repair technology to bring your car back into pristine condition at a fraction of the prices charged by a body shop.

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